U and I

Written by: Diwakar Pokhriyal

A thought of your smile
In piercing silence of hell
Searching fragrance of your style
in a graveyard silence to yell.

Looking for a harmony of heart,
Add crystal of tears in eye,
Yes it like crawling desert,
When I conquered with you "the sky".

I touched your hand in woe
and you were smiling from head to toe
 like scenic beauty emphasizing in chant
you took my perception high to low.

I touched your lips
And felt the shyness of flowers
I kissed your eyes
Found every sec like boosting powers.

I kissed your heart with passion 
 Felt every second a divine relaxation 
you made me tremble in sweat
your every touch was a sign of exclamation.

I hold your hand in murky weather
Turning majestic seconds in hours
your magical renovation of love
Turn me on like touchy shower.

So is it your magic of emotions
Or my misery of depressing time
you are the prettiest of all angels
And a relinquish sweetness of my rhyme.