The ''HEART'' Never Lies

Written by: Ivan Terr Claxton

As we all know life is very amuzing  fascinating and amazing
When you meet someone for the first time and your
Sense of attraction captures that person it's a feeling that
Only those who has really and truly been in love
Before can understand,it can be just as simple as
A fragrance hair style smile touch look mood  humor personality
Now here it comes to let the other know
For some it is not easy at all to do 
You wonder if he or she is really in to you
But never doubt yourself always take a chance on love
Because you will know the time and place because love don't lie
Before you make eye contact all kinds of emotions take place
This emotion is called cold feet it happens a lot
Do not be embarrassed we all go through it
Now when you do make eye contact with the person
And you two are face to face alone
And it is time to express what you feel
The''Heart''Never Lies and tremors come over your body
Your heart beats so loud that  it is the only thing you hear
It makes your lips tremble as the words come out of your mouth
You feel so embarrassed because of your emotions
But little did you know that they felt the same way too
You wouldn't know because your heart was beating so loud
That you were not able to hear theirs either
That is why we came to the conclusion of saying that
The''HEART''Never Lies!