Written by: Jeff Bresee

The state of the worse. The state of the damned
Is this the sad state where I find that I am?

The evil inside me who long dwelt therein
I’d given him home for he felt like a friend

But then cast I did he out of necessity
To walk in dry places, where rest he did seek

And while he did roam, I did set forth alone
Acting quickly to sweep and to garnish my home

Till at last it did seem to be ornate and clean
And I said to myself, “I am finally free”

But then after a time, when no rest he could find
He turned back to my home that was clean and refined

And he studied to know in what state it might be:
Smiling subtle and cold… for my house was empty

Then he quick turned about with a wave of his hand
Calling seven more like him to join in his plan

Where they all entered in with a mindset to stay
Thus I cannot believe at the end of he day

How I’ve come to arrive in this state where I am
The state of the worse. The state of the damned

Ref: Matthew 12: 43-45