The Gift of Magic

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Some people think I’m a
normal person; I appear
to be that way, but deep
within me lies bubbling
energy, warm like a crackling 
fire far hidden from view;
its embers glow red like
blood that does not flow.
I know many words that seem
far apart from the world but
still they dominate my mind
like waves on the open sea.
They can cause harm or 
simply heal the meanest of
injuries; even cursed bites
from creatures that only
whispers can provoke.
My hands can create swirls
of light, fire, wind or
earth but all of differing
Magic brews within me;
some say it is a gift while
others condemn it like something
to be considered sinful and wicked.
Still, I have magic brewing within
me and nothing on this earth
can change that; is it a curse?
I do not know.
Magic will be cryptic and forever
concealed but someday, like the dark
surrendering to light, I will share
the gift of magic with everyone regardless
of common spite.