Written by: Hassana Shuaibu

It was amazing,
Words came gushing from his head,
Clamouring for the paper instead.

It was captivating,
Lots of words played to form a rhyme,
And on paper, they stood the test of time.

It was enchanting, 
With his words, I felt the sun's glow,
With his words, I saw pure waters flow.

It was overpowering,
His words made me see stars,
And cured my hidden scars.

It was astonishing, 
In his words, I saw his past, his present,
And what to him, the future meant.

It was perfect, 
In his words, I saw elegance, saw charm,
And I knew, I held dynamite in my palm.

And it's true, 
That though, there's power in the sword of a samurai,
There's more in the words of a writer.