Written by: delysia hendricks

My mind's run aground
with memories abound
of word-sparring and writing astute
'midst merriment and mirth
my poems were rebirthed
with your help, you of highest repute

Empty each hour
my countenance dour
denied of the presence of you
in sunrays you're basking 
whilst busily crafting
brilliantly penned clerihew 

My lover, my mentor
are we finally done for
defeated by timelines and distance
no more enchantment
or magical moments
the whole of my very existence

Of our nexus bereft
with no purpose left
since you opted for change of direction 
"to Licia, me life and me blood"
Oo's number one poet, . ...."
I daily read the diction'ry inscription 

You opted for sunshine
no longer confined
whilst I'm thumbing my dictionary, worn
rhyming verse, I assume
not heeding my gloom
from love indifference was born