The wrath of the protective spear

Written by: Amanda Miller

Raging. I scream 
Such anger emits throughout me. 
Free is all I want to be. 
God oh god why won you let me. 

You’re bound by anger 
Jealousy and fear.
And surround me 
With your feelings
 That gleam with the un pure. 

My freedom is all I want.
 Is all I need to be?
 My words my love
 Please do not steal from me. 

So tirelessly you work 
Drifting so far away from me. 
But not a word shall you hear 
In complaint about thee.
I have fought tiring years.
 With pain endlessly. 
Sweet death as you know 
Dying to take me.
But I escaped 
With just faith, the crab
 In such a bloody fray. 
Beaten and burnt, I escaped
 But only to be bound, not free
Each day, I would wake wondering 
If it was merely a dream. 
If I had died and then risen.
 And was now in between.

 So I plead sweet dear.
 Do not steal my words away from me
 I once was touched by death. 
 Please don’t make it all that i dream.