Revengeful sleep

Written by: Amanda Miller

These dreams, they scare me 
They fully control me.  
They prevent me from moving. 
And silence all my screams.

 The screams I see 
They never leave me.
 For even when I walk 
In the shadows those screams they follow me. 

I fear sweet slumber. 
I fear its perilous test. 
Its shakes me to my bone. 
And frightens me like a pest. 

As my eyes close 
In that bodily need to rest.
 My hands start trembling. 
And my heart starts to fret.

 For once again I know 
There will be murder. There will be gore.
Death as we see it 
And death as I know. 

Such a bloody scene it seems to be. 
So angry and such ill fate 
So much blood I refuse to see.
Blood on the floor and blood soaking my soul. 

A violator, a bloodthirsty killer. 
A revengeful sister. 
A knife. A nail. 
A sharp object of many a face. 

A stabbing pain 
A chilling scream 
My racing heart 
Echoing her dying dream.

The end is it?
 So does it seem. 
Fooled and deluded 
In joy so repulsively.

Just as I think 
This horror will end.
 Once again, she comes around 
To continue this vicious circle 
Of death, stealing sleep