Insidious poison

Written by: Helen Forber

Subtle you are and cunning in skill,
Bleed me through words, you long to instil.
History lies, for once you were kind,
Lover of mine, was it I who were blind?

You played me like child, lost in my youth.
Longing to please, to think it were truth.
Taste that was sweet and egger for more,
Is suddenly bitter in poisonous gall.

Help me in need and hold me in grief,
All of these things you did with belief.
A flair for the word, a knowing to speak,
To turn me about, while leaving me weak.

Fool that I am, I bought the charade,
Look at me now, for this you have made.
Sodden if angst, bitter in spite,
My vision is clear, as well as my sight.

Beastly you are, in hideous form,
The beauty you held, insidious scorn,
Poison you are, ultimate death.
It rots and it spreads till nothing is left.

Time that we spent, oblivious tears,
Squandered and spent insidious years…