Rain Comes Down Pouring

Written by: gautami phookan

Rain,    torrential   rain
As    it    comes  down   pouring.

Through    the    winding    lanes
Gurgles     it     goes     past.
Or     a     brook    that    swells
To    a    river    flowing    fast.
And  rain  comes  down  pouring..

As    skirts    and    pinafore
Go  frisking   about   in   the  wind.
Women    rushing    out
To    retrieve    their    washing. 

Jubilant     naked    children
Frolic    and    muddy    they    get.
In    the    bustling    fish    market
Bare    fishes,   getting    more    wet.
Rain  comes   down  pouring.

Pretty    damsels    whisk    past
Jasmine    drench    in    their    hair.
The    woody    smell    of    pine  
Pungent      in      the     air.
Rolling    down    the    hills,
Sweeping    across    the    valley.

Rain,  it    comes    down    pouring.