Written by: Akere Victor

My people, my mirror,
People the great life donor,
The creatures that make me feel it exist,
The natures that make life real when it begin.

The world in it real form,
Deepest hatred and truest love,
From where i came from, to where I'll go,
No people, no trading and hustling places ,no home.

The creator knew it won't be complete,
For a person to alone leave in this world,
He created another being to assist,
because a person needs love.

In my imaginations,i risk being in this world alone,
To inherit the silver, bronze and gold,
I took over all the diamond and all precious stones'
The milk, oil and honey, nothing was left alone.

My store became full and i have lot to sell,
Liquid where so much that i filled up countless of barrels,
Check my thoughts, thousands of ideas are there,
Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are the tones of my words.

I want to sell, who wants to buy,
I want to freely give, who wants to receive,
I have all answers, but there is no why,
I,from speaking yelled, from yelling i cried but none is there to listen.

Then know i the importance of air to that burning fire,
The importance of air to the continuity of life,
The value of that liquid that came from my father,
The importance of the life-supportive egg from my mother.

Oh people bad and good,
Oh faces with lies and truth,
I am a king because there are people,
My coming into this world is between two people.