How do I live

Written by: Sophia Smith

How do I live since the plaqued of calamity bound me like straight jacket making me 
unproductive and immobile. My heart echoing my cries and tears saturated my face 
like perspiration. I am sinking in the sea of despair and where is my buoy. How can I 
rescue my self from drowning in the ocean of misery. My body emerges in the body 
of water, but my head float on top - giving me hope that I might not drown at all.  
But, fear has paralyzed me from swimming; thus, I am stagnant. How do I swim to 
shore to success when I am immobilized from terror. How do I save my self when my 
extremities are lifeless... but the desire in my heart to be rescued is strong. But who 
is going to save me from drowning, is it me or someone else?