Last dance

Written by: Irene Komu

In pain u couldn't talk
Whenever I came to check on u
Lying in bed there
I knew u wanted to tell me something

Poor me I cried
And let myself avoid u
I thought I caused you pain
So I went in vain

Then here comes a phone call
I just lost my loved one
Grandma why did u go
Atleast  u could ask me first

Time really can tell
And at times it rings a bell
But sometimes it's like hell
Crazy moments of life

Felt like I should blame
All those around me
Maybe she could be saved
But I don't even know how

Cancer is a killer
People have to know
When it attacks someone
It kills slowly and painfully
Grandma, I love u

We made jokes all the time
Not knowing someday
U'll not even be able to speak
Now I know it all

U left with a part of me
I can feel the pain, newly
Everytime I think of u
And when I look at ur photo

I wish I knew the date
I would dance with u all night
And tell u good bye
Before u could die

But u are no longer here
Wait fot me where u are
Our hearts will speak 2 each other
I wana hear u saying
I miss u Irene