My Solitary Detension

Written by: Amanda Miller

Have you ever felt like it was the end?
Like after today there would be no tomorrow 
The sinister nefarious obscure night
Consuming the world with malicious delight 

Have you ever felt so alone?
That you wished it would all never return
So confused and so deprived
So alive yet so close to dying

Have you ever felt that draining force?
That leaves you with nothing more to lose
A death sentence with a fancy name
Something i wish would just stay away

I feel so alone so completely lost 
Stripped of absolute emotion without a cost
Like i was blasted from that hellish space
So full of anger with fists clenched in fits of rage

I hate being restrained
I hate to refrain
But i know if i didn’t
Everything would be in vain

Forgive me this pain
Though i know it makes no change
Forgive me i pray
Release from this solitary detention
Release me from this perpetual pain.