Gone fishing

Written by: ned flanders

Gone fishing.

We decided to go fishing, 
Granddad Dad and I . 
We booked a Bed and Breakfast 
up in the Isle of Skye. 

We set off Friday morning 
with lots of fishing gear, 
and Granddad even managed 
to sneak aboard some beers. 

Up the road we went, 
arriving late at night, 
and in the early morning 
my goodness what a sight. 

The mountains stood so purple 
and on the Loch a haar. 
We were quickly down for breakfast 
and then back to the car. 

We drove down to the Loch 
and hired a lovely boat. 
The weather was quite nippy 
so we buttoned up our coats. 

We settled down to fish. 
It was a brilliant day, 
and Granddad told me stories 
of the ones that got away. 

We rowed back to the quay 
and unloaded all our fish. 
The day was quite successful, 
even more than we could wish. 

I tied the boat up tight 
and walked back to the car. 
When someone drew attention, 
by shouting from a far. 

A man was standing pointing, 
back towards the quay, 
and there we saw the boat 
floating out to sea! 

Grandad looked at Father, 
then Father looked at me. 
"I thought it was secure, 
how can this possibly be". 

"When it comes to tying rope, 
the skills i have not got, 
you thought i was a Sailor, 
I am a frayed knot"!