Written by: John Trusty


I hooked a JEWFISH back in 67 near
Key Largo in a creek of the same name
stripping my gear she yawned and swam away
at 50 lbs she was a monster I wanted to tame

2011 I hooked him yes him again
she’s a he they change sex unknown to me
in 50 years he gained 450 lbs my
massive tackle yanked him up for a look see

I cut the leader as he broke the surface
illegal to boat him between you and me
an endangered specie since we first met but
something else transpired in his family tree

JEWFISH no longer correct since
GOLIATH GROUPER gained political sway
opening that cavernous mouth again
flicking his fins he lumbered away

only in the Keys could a creature age 50 yrs
gain 450 lbs change sex and given name 
long after becoming an endangered specie
he’s still relevant and evidently in the game