Written by: Jesu Johnson

Look into the eyes of the next person,
that comes close to you,
into view.
Contemplate their past, 
like a mind reader, by design,
grant them their just due.

If only we could be so predestined,
possess such elegant blessings, 
maybe we'd be more cordial to one another,
My sisters, neighbors, my brothers.

Instead we go through this life,
without a care, 
faces in places with false, fake, heartless glares

oh well.

Then what comes around,
goes around,
a good dog has it's day!!!!

Those who clutter the world with the negative,
each moment of each day that they live,

heartfelt storms,

devastating hues,

cloudy views,

it's all that,
seem to pass, their way.

Is it ol' man karma, paying a visit,
asking " DID YOU MISS ME?????"
or simply refreshing memories.

Yep ol' man Karma, on a mission,
to set the course of life, just.
Ol' man Karma 
with his eyes closely,
on each and every one of us.