24 May - The Day Of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture

Written by: Bozhidar Pangelov

This is a very special day in Bulgaria, my friends. Here - 
http://www.balkanfolk.com/news.php?id=23 - you can read more on it.


San Clemente*

and the sun that is
we will lose ourselves
before they find us
in the eternal searching
for ourselves
(and the mind again
steps over us)
did you recognize the happiness

(like an epoch) 
San Clemente

and I am bowing 

The original:

*In one lateral chapel there is a shrine with the tomb of Saint Cyril of the 
Saints Cyril and Methodius who created the Glagolitic alphabet and Christianized the 

**Wandering Jew; the name Ahasver is adapted from Ahasuerus the Persian king in 
Esther, who was not a Jew, and whose very name among medieval Jews was an 
exemplum of a fool
/from wikipedia/

Translator Bulgarian-English: Vessislava Savova
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