In Just A Moment Of Time

Written by: Sarah Hall

A painful mistake hits hard
I cannot help to regret
I did not know you were playing this part
I feel sorrow
But I cannot look back
I fell in love with you so fast
You filled me with an inspiration I will never forget
I fell in love with something that will only last a moment
I find myself in doubt
I find myself chasing other clouds
I cannot committ
Im a girl whose wings cannot stay in one place
I have to move on
I have to keep flying
I have to spread my wings
I have to find the peace where I no longer feel threat that you settled in my soul
You brought fear in me when you were near
You suffocated me 
I cannot see clearly 
Its a vision that makes me dillusional and my life falls apart I lose myself in a fantasy 
that leaves me with a manic heart.