Horse play

Written by: Mike Francis

Horse play

I bucked the cowboy off in the hay

This is a game that horses just love to play

He rolled up into great big old pile

His anger I did most certainly rile

He got to his feet and reached for my reigns

And spat out an ugly comment about my brains

Since he was calling me a big dumb brute

I planted my hoof on his cowboy boot

I watched his eyes roll around in his head

What he yelled will remain unsaid

I was starting to admire this big tough guy

But I still reached over and bit him right in the thigh

When I pulled and heard his bluejeans rip

I let go of my toothy grip

I bumped him hard with my right shoulder

He was now an awfully pitiful looking drover

Now that I've finished what I had begun

I was thinking the life of a cow horse can be so much fun

By Mike Francis