Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Written by: Rick Rucker

Eco-Friendly Vehicles By Rick Rucker As an infant, when I went outside, In a stroller, with circular wheels, I would ride, As I became restive, and wanted to roam, My parents bought me a trike, so I could leave home, It did not last very long, My legs soon became far too long, My next wheeled vehicle had four, One in front, one in back, and two next door! It was shiny, and very neat, With training wheels, and comfy seat, It was really sweet, But limited, in that I could not cross the street! As I became somewhat bolder, Truly, just a little older, I ditched the training wheels, Adventurous for me, but hardly worthy of news reels, On that bike, I learned to steer, In my neighbors’ eyes there was much fear, At a very, very young age, I got a motor bike, which was all the rage! Possibly not the best thing I ever did, But it taught me to try not to skid, Many times the locals would see, Blood from me, on the street, or a tree, I have since owned several cars, But, thank my lucky stars, I seemed to sense the score, The maximum number of cylinders of any of them: four! I have recently bought two bicycles, for me and my fiancée, So we can exercise, and play, I laugh when I think of how much gas I have saved, So someone else could drive his Escalade!