Be the One

Written by: Diwakar Pokhriyal

Life is all about our own insight  
Creating joy ,smiles merging with delight
Get over , gear up and ready for fights 
Be the One  …… Don’t just make choice.
U know exactly who you are then anyone else
U are going to rise to the occasion nonetheless 
Open your eyes  and  don’t just keep following someone’s voices
Be the one ….. don’t just keep making choices.

Be confident and have a belief that you are a choice of all
Be assured to be the one for being constantly scroll,
Choose your own destiny or else keep paying the prices
Be the one ….. don’t just keep making choices. 

Conquer the ocean and catch the sky,
Bend all these rules made by a human spy
Widen the gallery of ur own thoughts and desires to eliminate your crises
Be the one ….. don’t just keep making choices.

Give hand for help to win souls and hearts
Stand differently from 1000 emotional perverts
Enhance believe, craziness and eradicate demises  
Be the one …… Don’t just keeping picking choices.

You are the creator of your world so make it as u wish
Every second of it can suck or be a touch of bliss
Wake up now to know and conquer you own spices,
Be the One …. Don’t  disgrace your pure soul by just making choices