The Songster

Written by: steven markham

The lane gave way to the distant view
where trees and hedges now thinly grew
Tractor engine thumping nearer,seen
over Blackberry and Hawthorn,the reason was clearer
One lone man his labour long
I watched unseen as he broke into song
stopping the tractor to throw on the bales
was he oblivious to you hills and dales?

The panorama my breath it caught
yet his back was bent his head cared for naught
but to clear the hay while the sun was high
the breeze yet light and the meadow high

I moved from the stile as the brambles betrayed me
with his song growing sweeter closer to be
mistaken was I by his nonchalant caring
his arms were outstretched to the vista beyond.
A wave and a smile his song he was sharing
with this beautiful world
To which we belong