Anticipating the final kiss

Written by: Brandon Basson

Floating on life waters of which I drink too much
Whiffed on angel wings in arms that’s tranquil to the touch
Searching souls where chances of escape is very slim
And surviving equals staring in the eyes of reapers grim
Slashing strings and snatching as he cuts me down to size
My guardian salutes me then engages as I surmise
Amidst the raging battle I am trapped so in between
The torso and the neck of higher beings most pristine
And being pressured thus I part my lips to utter screams
My breath is snatched by one before I disappear downstream
I wonder next when I awake who is it I’ll first see
With blurry vision both the frames look much the same to me
The tears won’t leave a trail or surface pains which I’m inclined
They’re Loch Ness monster hiding while the darkness is outlined
Though both are treasure hunters searching for this strange believer
The lesser weeps the victor who’ll be crowned golden retriever
Shrouded is the mists that pens me to the walls of doubt
Eclectic as I learn what smothered freedom’s all about
Reveal this dream, awake the mouth to mouth that must revive
The cloudy pillow talk that says I am indeed alive