Eternal Love

Written by: Matt Hunt

Holding on to that which brings me down
Idealogy with logic that maybe I can turn it around
How low must I crash before I've hit the end
Stubborn, hearted fool, don't believe in your friends
Cling to the false lies/ the ones you hold so dear
You can carry this load so there's nothing to fear
BUT.....what if, for a change, you could share your load
And have peace like no other, something you could never behold.
Give in to his love for his mercy will suffice
There is no love greater than one of sacrifice
So no matter the hearache, give it to the Lord
For he can help like no other/ whether your rich or poor
Seasons will come and seasons will go
But there is always a saying that you should learn to know
The Lord will giveth and he will take away
But his love for you will forever remain.