Now I See

Written by: david blodgett

 I remember when i was younger
shortly after the age of six,
both my heart and spirit were broken
to the point that God could never fix.
 It was the first time i felt resentment
it was the first time i ever truelly cried,
It was the last time i ever spoke with God
it was on the day my father died.
 I felt God had wrongfully punished me
so i got down on my knees and prayed,
I begged God to " Please " bring back my dad
i promissed him i'd do anything he'd say.
 As the days went by; along with the weeks
so did the months just like the years,
slowly i excepted my fathers death 
but only after the shedding; of atleast a thousand tears.
 I learned early on in my childhood
that God does'nt answer heart felt prayers,
so never again would i look up to him
i could'nt speak to a God that did'nt care.
It was'nt until 34 years later
again i was down on bending knee's,
I looked to the sky and began to cry
please don't take my step dad away from me.
He taught me my morals and values
he's shown me how to be a man,
he instilled in me survival
like only a father truly can.
 It was right then and there at that moment
as a child;I saw how god answered my prayer,
he could not bring me back my dad
so he sent me another one;  one who twice as much has cared.
              I Love You Dad!