Abandoned By The Love That Struck So Close To The Core Of My Heart

Written by: Sarah Hall

It rips my heart apart
To see you behind bars
That keeps me away from you
I can't help the tears that keep falling
The pain strikes deep in my very core
I can't control myself
I can't move on from here
I am lost in the fear
I am drowning in a bitter sorrow
I am down on the ground
beaten to the bitterness of death that is among me
My health has shattered in pieces
I am so weak that my breath is no longer within me
I no longer have you near
I am alone 
I feel abandoned and lost
For you made the mistake and were taken away from me
No I stand here beaten and abused from the misery I must take
I have no choice then to lay here in the pain I bear
I found happiness though you memory still haunts me dear
I can't get over you
I can't move on from what you drove into the very heart of my existance
I can't escape the chaos you created
I can't lose sight to what you put in place when you disappeared.