Your Memory Haunts Me

Written by: Sarah Hall

No matter what I do
I cannot get you out of my head
I move on
And your memory still haunts me
Days can go pass 
Years even
And your still here
I cannot let go
I cannot erase you
The agony strikes my chest
My heart breaks over and over again
I keep going on and keep writing and the pain remains the same
I cannot stop the rhythmn of the shame and painful ache you created
Everthing seems to bring you back
I stop and always think back
Why did you make the choices you made
Why was I not good enough for you
Was I the mistake
Did you regret you found me
Why do I think back to you
I wish I could just let you free from my mind
I wish I no longer felt for you
I wish I was numb
I wish the drip of morphine ran through my veins
I could erase you forever
And the memory would no longer ruin my mind that keeps you locked inside forever.