Stolen Moments of Temptations

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

Some kisses are just kisses.
Anyone can give a kiss, however,
When kisses are met with heartfelt passion
Your whole world can change.

Girl, no need to be nervous
As I lay here and view
The spectacular landscape of your body.
Yours eyes are closed, look deep within.

Your golden hair is a wispy frame
Which forms your lovely face.
I know I just met you and yet
We flirt, we joke and we kiss.

When things get crazy in my life
I think of you and nothing else matters.
You, my beautiful new friend know
Exactly how to make me smile.

Kisses so sweet as to melt our lips,
Have concealed the feelings of guilt.
These stolen moments of temptations
Will remain etched in our hearts forever.
Open to another kiss....