inspiration the who reign over me

Written by: eddie merritt

I am doing the right thing
Don't change don't stray - away
Vigilance is awarded through patience waiting brings blessings n gifts
So must layer up and have my heart a stones throw from brick
Much easier said then being done with this
I must maintain must not struggle and turn away
Must not
Get hot
Even thought opportunity came 
If this is true then let love do its thing
In which I believe it is 
Loving to complete others I don't believe In
Yes I'll admit my heart is seeping again
What would it gain just more pain more indescriptive things
Just cover it up I must 
Let her reign and have her cake 
Let it be surrender under loves mercy
Into the lords hands and let it be
As I'm daily walking these streets
Won't let other women look let alone speak because this climb is bigger than me
I feel and I see
I just deal and think what would they want of me 
What's my next move
I- will- motivate me 
Because giving up is too easy
It's my fault this hole in my heart is there and grown
Dumb to be so smart 
Now my family I built is so far apart
Never again will my crown fall off
Tryin to find my place 
Find my way
Find the best way to not upset the order of things
The dread of going through this again again would kill me
Physically and spiritually
My head is already swimming and robbing me of sleep
Trust ain't the fact its the principle you see
Who cares
Forgiveness has its price and now I know that's why I write
Won't show how I'm shedding my tears
Scarring my checks from visual fears
It's ok 
Not really but you know what I mean to say
I'm a just stay in my place stay at my pace and move one to the next day........Peace