Our Blues

Written by: Maya Kaabour

You make us slip into
suits of the children we once were-
with buttoned hearts 
to our sleeves
Lips interlocked like 
the sharp zigzags in closed zippers-

Skipping ropes of uncertainty and
playing hide and seek with our
buried insecurities-

We dig in the dirt until it 
turns into a quick sand 
where we are stuck and
our new shoes have been 
damaged beyond repair.
You damage us beyond repair-
like broken chinaware
left on mommy’s kitchen floor. 

We climb on mountains
of the piled past only to jump off-
and throw every ounce of confidence
qe thought we had 
like damp rocks into rivers
-and the ripples in the water are the only proof that we ever loved ourselves-

Jealousy, you play the saxophone to our Blues
Jealousy, you ugly bruise
Mesmerizing purple and black hues-

Leaving us scarred from 
falling off cloud nine- 
Until our scraped knees 
and ripped tees become a part of us-
and the ‘silver lining’ in the clouds 
becomes nothing but
the adornment on the side of His mistress’ dress-
I must confess- 

You make our demons rise
and self-hatred becomes a 
bandage we cannot rip off-