Surrender and Allow

Written by: melissa mesch

Amazement I must say
At the powerful presence of your energy today.

Sometimes I question if what I feel is real
Or a manifestation of an internal cycle

But you validated last night
That I felt your energy, your light
When it was dim and pulling me in.

So dark it was those days.
If I had been strong I wouldn’t have felt the obdurate haze.

Scratches and burns when you let the wheels turn.
Question we both do
When in fact  we are creating new.

Nothing has been of this frequency…
I speak of our unique energy
Let not it crumble by letting our thoughts fumble

Allow it to happen
What we know to be true
Do not question what appears to be long overdue.

We have worked so diligently at remembering the light
Set yourself free
Relinquish the fight.
Walk into the unknown with  all of your might.
Ask not what or why of your self
Know all choices are of divine wealth.