A Calm Breeze

Written by: adam hollingsworth

Inhale deeply, the ocean breeze
The set of dreams it will make
It’s the calmness, that makes us see
The breeze of the sea, which we all seek.

The way of life, will lay
Down quietly. While the wind 
Steals away our lives.
We have violently lost, everything
We sought. And each day is a new day
But ends, in the same old ways.

Stay quiet, but stay near, 
Speak softly, in my ear.
It’s the stone inside the rock, 
Just listen, and don’t talk.

The ocean breeze, screams softly 
In my ear. The sweeping sound
Rains down in a common place.
We live like an ocean, sometimes it’s calm
And sometimes it’s a storm. Either way
That’s how it goes, like a wave at the end of its toll.