Learning to Fly

Written by: adam hollingsworth

Standing at the edge of a hole made of emptiness
Learning to fly into an abyss of cleanliness
Remembering memories lost so long ago
While I’m overwhelmed by the feeling to just let go

Flying into thin air while clearing all inside
Realizing games that were made to crawl back in my mind
Dangers of boredom and loneliness silk in me
I just can't wait to be set free

You know what it feels like when air comes rushing past you
Fire was made to clean out closets of dieing laughter’s
So few and yet so far away
Clean my skin from this burning day

Learning to fly in a whole different way
A way to end it, but not sure it will play
Please come out and burn my life away
Please say it’s different when I have my way

But all you see is green burned inside my eyes
Greed and hatred is our hope and demise
All flowers come to whither and burn
While all flesh can't help but slither to turn