Eternal Battles: the good, the bad and the WITHIN, Part I

Written by: Mohamed Abdou

And here HE is dwelling through the pages of life,

Preparing for yet another skirmish

HE has lost few battles, among the causalities 

Were faith, competence and passion;

They were severely wounded and in need

For a rehabilitation period

Mend the wounds, and heal the past;

After all this wasn’t a mere opponent

But one that is stubborn and was set on a crusade to

Eradicate all that is bright and colorful

HE is petrified, nervous and worried

Worried of consequences HE can’t afford to loose 

Loosing would mean defeat to HIM

This is PART 1 of the Main Poem "Eternal Battles" 
I would describe this Poem as A Dark Period in my life where
I lost track of my identity and was fighting for it.