I Hate you Mum

Written by: Tricia Lucas-Clarke

 I hate you mum
You are so mean
Why do I need to keep so clean?
I don’t need to wash
Can’t you see 
I don’t have time
I’m on the Wii

I hate you mum
Not sausages for tea
Mashed potato and baked beans
I want cake I want chocolate
Jelly and cream
You really are horrid
So old and so mean

I hate you mum
Why did you forget
To take my old jeans
To the launderette?
I was busy at school
You were only at work
Why didn’t you do it
You know how to hurt

I hate you mum
I’m not going to bed
You really are starting
To do in my head
Always telling me what to do
Homework and housework
They’re jobs for you.

I’m sorry mum
I’ve cut my knee
Please can we have
Sausages for tea?
Can I show you my book?
Will you teach me to cook?
Can I have a hug?
I love you mum