Happy Tears

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

The tears that flow down upon my face
Are not of sadness...but happiness.
The years of agony are soon to be gone
How does one express these feelings?

Eager to proclaim this revolution,
Yet humble to acknowledge gratification.
Tis wrongful to let one's self be so vain,

The cruel words of an unworthy opponent
Has clouded the righteous aspirations.
The welling in your eyes is joyous,
Shame on those who intentionally hurt.

As we protect our hearts with a lining,
We must learn to understand the difference.
Not all linings are made of silver or gold.
Give thanks for the mystical powers.

Time has a way of controlling your future,
Should you decide to open your arms.
May I dare say with gasps of breaths,
My tears are no longer sorrowful...only happy tears.

Dedicated to my dearest friend, Rosanna....