Stupid Winds

Written by: rinki nandy

Don't call me you stupid winds
for I will not answer
I am not one of your men,
who you shelter in your negligence,
and nurture with your ignorance,
Don't try to stick to me
when all I want is a distance far away,
where were you when I pleaded
and looked for your approval everywhere?
Why didn't you save me
when like a beggar I cried in dismay?
How can you then try to back me now?
When I need you no more,
when I seek you no more,
How could you stop me from dismissing you?
When I hear you no more or pray
for your nod to my dreams gone astray.
You must let me go now,
far from stupid winds,
Should you need to see me again,
you must dwell into your memories,
for that's where I will reside,
even if you call me a thousand times.