My Brother Bill

Written by: Debbie Duncan

Death came to my door today
I should of known it was for me
When I felt the winds blowing in 
The angels came to tell me 

I seen them in my dream
I Should of known as they
Were coming down nodding my way
They were so brilliantly bright to me

I forgot to listen to the message 
As they came to stand in front of me
I was awe struck when I seen them 

I never knew my brother was sick
It was cancer of the liver 
That struck him this day

I felt the tears stinging my eyes
I tried to keep them at bay 
It didn't work to my dismay 
Yes death came to my door 
And took my brother away

" my brother passed on the 6th of May 2011"

3 different dreams, first with my brother, next the angels came in 
my dream,,,, a month later my mother with my brother standing just behind her left shoulder. About two months later ,I seen my brother at front door about 10 seconds.