Gilded Butterflies

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

Their breaths are in the mystery of beauty.
I am a loner but not to say I am alone.
Shall I remain here for all time?
I try not to pretense the obvious.

Butterflies...from cocoon to flight,
Rare, yet wondrously beautiful,
Have a way of soothing the soul
Yet overwhelming when not prepared.

Pretentious and enticing
Will lure you into believing
Their beauty is the ultimate being, not be the victim.

I stand here with flight surrounding me,
Oh how beautiful...I want to follow.
Their flight has a way of guiding you
To unforeseen destinations...are you willing?

The universe has a supple core
That only the unknowing has experienced.
To be aware unconsciously is not glorious.
Do you ask yourself, "Am I being gilded?"

Shall I follow the gilded butterflies
To the land of unexplored?
Stop!..Do you not see?
Their colorful disguise has tainted you.

Open thine eyes and forever see,
The beauty to behold is divine.
Not to confuse one's self in eternity.
Beware..the gilded butterflies...I stand alone.