Japan, land of rising SON

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

Japan, land of rising SUN

Faced Natures devastation
Tsunami, earthquake obliterated cities
Lost all but not hope, maturity, sanity

Collective harmony, community first attitude
No honking, no mad overtaking; only understanding on jammed roads
No shoplifting when lights fused in malls

Mature media, compassionate humanity 
No bloodcurdling visuals of chest beating or wild grief  
No hypocrisy of help by Politicians 

Well cultivated patience, doggedness to move on
Relief work, removal of debris, building roads at amazing speed
No mass scale panic on tanking of stocks, yen vulnerability   

Cultured dignity, dignified grace
Disciplined queues for water, groceries, no chaotic scenes, squabbles 
People buying to meet present need, so everybody could get something.
High moralistic Human values
Restaurants cut prices, no burglary at unguarded ATM 
Plain speak on Nuclear threat levels

Japanese have done it before 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings could only maim not rein 
Tsunami and earthquake could only dissolve few cities not their resolve 

Crisis handling, innate to Japanese
God gave volcanoes
They marshalled art of baking on it rather than getting charred 

Japan, the land of rising SON

By Hitendra Mehta
May 2011

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