Written by: marvel Godwyn

Tell me
What burns with a
Great flame that an
Inferno, yet benign
And consumes not?
Tell me
What shines with a
Dazzling brightness than
The glare of the sun
Yet as tender as
The moon and
Divulges no flaw?
Tell me
What shelters more from
The beset of gale of fate
And salves more than
The balm of gilead?
Tell me
What could be more
Tender than
Cosset of myriads
Of lovers?
Roses are beautiful
But wilts.
Tell me what
Could be so beautiful
And wilts not?
A pearl, diamond is.
And forever lasts, but
To theft it subjects
Tell me
What pearl
Forever lasts and
Thieving hands
I tell you nothing,
Nothing than mothers
Endless love
It wilts not.