inspiration no apologies by eminem

Written by: eddie merritt

This is a thought or an epiphany / but from how I see : confidence is lacking in thee / so I'll shift into gear / 
she put the bug in my ear : denounce fear / pronounce a new style to pounce : opened mouthed claws out : 
middle finger raised screaming hell yeah : here / eat this plate / when finished : wipe shame from face / walk 
with swagga speed up pace / moving to quick to leave a trace / of anything haunting , n starting , or sparking 
of the old tablet : to be erased / point in case / chess not checkers : fix my face / n change habits / kill 
babbage : with flame-lit carriages filled with kerosene soaked mattresses / n stomach filled with c4 crack 
addicts / with the driver chained downed named past tense / hold close the new reference / a decorative 
veteran whose suplexing / souped up on goals and aggression : only stressing where the next victim to mess 
with / never relaps on past acts just future facts / pemped up ready to attack any acrobat that'll get trapped , 
get slapped , get jacked 4 every piece of their scratch / every piece of dignity , humanity , organs , flesh nose 
bones n back / so scratch that