A Printer with No Ink

Written by: Rhema Jones

Do you ever know the feeling of working against yourself?
You never know you are until the most inconvenient moment…
At first you feel as if you are helping yourself
And soon it turns into something else, but the worst is yet to come
Say you have an assignment for school,
And this assignment (might I say is not a difficult one)
Was to write a free verse poem much like this one
You write the poem, it’s amazing!
You think the assignment is done.
The time comes to type it on the computer but you find,
It’s lost!
You franticly run around like a chicken with no head looking for something
That will never be found….
Inspiration like that is easily lost
You must use it before it’s gone…
Gone. Gone? Gone!
The horror! You need to redo the poem
Your brain is blank, a copier with no ink 
And a printer with no ink is useless, 
Once you change this brand of ink it’s never the same
You must come up with a new idea
Something fresh something new something—Ahh!
You get it now, you will write about “working against yourself”
You see I am the printer with no ink.
My lovely poem was probably my best work
Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this
This is golden 
A once printer with no in
Is now overflowing with ideas
Things that will change the world forever
Sometimes in order to achieve greatness
You must become “a printer with no ink”