Tidal Zone

Written by: Soulfire

Some kids went on wild safari 
others sunned in Côte d'Azur 
but we stayed home to ‘summer’ on
our driftwood beach with rope and hammers
nails and cheez whiz bread 

while morning mist from bull kelp beds
took flight and seagulls thread
thin strings of wind above the boulder 
undisturbed and dreaming for
one million one 

until the onslaught on the isthmus— 
that startled rock awoken by 
symbols snaked and hissing, hands 
cold with human want 

We built our jetsam vessel then
shoved off in churning tiderip 
and paddled hard to reach that stone 
bewildered still and bleeding while

Decades tumbled from the sky
into ephemeral dawn
where herons stretch above that shock 
of progress bought and sold 
and Dungeness 
blue Abalone 
now tokens on the sand
for every mega-million fortress
walled and stoned and gaping