A prayer to the Almighty

Written by: Matt Hunt

I kneel myself before the mightiest of all kings

No man could ever boast or proclaim any works that are up to your level

You rise above all others who try to become gods

Realizing the foolishness in these conquest only makes me bow my head

For I know that you and only you are the one true king

No other (insert noun) could do what you have did for me

Sending your son for the price of my life and eternity

I will forever praise you, and give honor unto your name

My king, Let me have the privilege to worship you

Although, I am not worthy I know you adore all that you create

Some may say I’m a mistake, but I know the true revelation

You are my maker and my maker is perfection.

Glory be to God in the Highest, Praise be to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for guidance