Thick as a brick

Written by: ned flanders

Thick as a brick.


Alas a teenage daughter 
Got in the family way, 
Such they are the times 
What more can you say. 

It was getting near her time 
But still she wanted out, 
To the pub or just the pictures 
She didn"t mind being stout. 

Then one night it happened 
While she was all alone, 
Nature took Her course 
She fumbled for the phone. 

The time was nearly midnight 
It was dad who was awoken 
'Can you come and get me, 
I think my waters broken.' 

'Okay' shouts her dad 
'tell me where you are, 
You just say the place 
I"ll go get the car." 

He jumped up out of bed 
Put slippers on his feet 
'Where are you ringing from?'

'From my knickers to my feet.'