Where Will You Be

Written by: brandy uptain

To your will I bend like a wind blown reed,
And I will follow wherever you lead.
Ever since the first time I heard you say my name,
I have never been the same.
The winds that twist in my heart,
Have nearly torn my soul apart.
Ever since the last time I saw you I have been filled with woe,
I wish I never had to let you go.
As the days pass into months and years,
It only increases my fears.
If only you could feel the pain I've known,
If only you hadn't sown the seeds that you have sown.
When the walls come tumbling down around me,
Where will you be?
Will you be with Her or will you be with me,
Because I truly want to believe...
That I have had your heart to this day,
Even though yours has strayed.
I have loved you from first sight,
You were my everything, my heavenly light.
As it begins to rain, I pray,
Please let him come home to stay.
When the world crumbles around me,
Where will you be?