She Can't Even Write, Forever GoOdbye

Written by: Arina Yaqubi

I'm asking myself this question all the time
Why do people even fall in love?

Do they need it or just want to try?
Why do some people start pretending they're in love?

Why do some people fall for some one who's far away?
Some one who doesn't even care

She starts bleeding love
But that guy doesn't even see a single bleeding tear on the ground

But she still wants him with all of her heart
She screams his name at nights

Even though she knows the truth
That he's NOT listening, Just like every time

But, She's lost her heart
Given up all she had for a guy

She would do ANYTHING to have him by her side
While he doesn't even WANT her by HIS side

Is it LOVE ?!
'Cause she'll die

And he won't even know how hard she tried
To make destiny, make him love her by his heart

So she wants to write "Forever GoOdbye"
On her heart

But suddenly she sees and realizes 
That there's NO HEART