As A Light

Written by: Christopher Steven Coan

Do you wake? Shall you sleep?
I know not where you lie
To the east, my deepest hope
To the west, her eyes
And I remain a shadow yet
I know not rise or fall
As but a shade, I lie in whole
Dearest Light --my all
I find you not in heavens grasp
Nor in the space between
I fear that night has lost your grace
Or have I even seen?
...Wait, I know this sacred warmth
Yes, I know its heart
Upon my cheek, a kiss --a touch
What darkness holds apart?
For as a hope, I feel you
As a voice, I hear
Yet as a light, I know you not
Nor I the glistening tear

Still, I wait as I must
For soon, the light must break
Be it as a rising song
Or final breaths to take
And in that moment, in that light
A kiss upon my cheek
Here, the truth of night, of day
Of love I dare to speak

A Poem for the contest "Sunrise --verses-- Sunset"
(sponsored by HGarvey Daniel Esquire)
by Christopher Steven Coan